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What You Should Know Before Hiring a Striping Company


Not all striping and pavement marking equipment and supplies are created equal.  Hire a company that didn't invest much into their machines and paint, and you could find yourself losing money with sooner-than-expected touch ups.


The Right Equipment Makes a Big Difference


picture of Graco road striping machine

Right Line striping uses only Graco spray equipment for our projects.  Graco was actually voted as the #1 choice for spray equipment by American paint contractors for over two years running.  This means that when Graco striping equipment is used for your project, you will enjoy the benefit of precise lines and paint application.


Why the Wrong Paint can Cost You Time & Serious Cash

When striping and pavement marking companies use inexpensive paint, it's you as the client that can end up with a headache. 


Cheap paint used for striping can often be dull, and worst of all, it can fade quickly thanks to weather.  That means more time and more money that you must invest in a touch-up to your parking lot, road, or facility.  Not to mention that poor striping and markings can create driving and parking safety hazards.  So how does Right Line Striping fix those potential problems?


Right Line exclusively uses Sherwin-Williams traffic marking paint.  The benefits of this name-brand paint is that:

  • It's bright (for safety & convenience)

  • It's durable even under harsh weather

  • It's long-lasting, saving you time & money

You Now Know How we Differ from Others. So What's Next?


Don't risk your time and money with less experienced pavement marking companies that use inferior products.  Right Line's owners have over 25 years combined experience, and offer a one-year warranty on our work.  Call us now at (314) 272-0303 for a free estimate, or click here to email us.

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equipment used by our Missouri pavement marking company



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